ZAB Media Festival (ZMF) February 2020

ZAB Media Festival (ZMF) Day 2, 25th February 2020

ZAB Media Festival 2nd day followed on 25th February, dedicated to film & television with numerous panel discussions amongst media professionals. We begun the day at 2 pm with the ‘Man With A Movie Camera’ panel, that included names like Mohsin Ali Ditta, Eruj Hadi, Moiz Qazi and Mohsin Kamal.
Right after this panel, we screened Fahad Naveed’s brilliantly crafted film, ‘Puff Puff Pak’ at 3 PM.
Following this, we had our ‘Act In Actress’ panel at 4:45 PM, consisting of female celebrities like Marina Khan, Ayesha Omar, Amar Khan and Mansha Pasha, alongside PR guru Samra Muslim, with the panel being moderated by Fifi Haroon.

ZAB Media Festival (ZMF) Day 1, 24th February 2020

ZAB Media Festival (ZMF) Day 1 was held on 24th February 2020. The event started with the opening speeches by Madam Shahnaz Wazir Ali, President SZABIST, Professor Dr.Altaf Mukati, Vice President Academics SZABIST, Madam Nasreen Haque, Vice President Development & Finance SZABIST and Mr. Taimur Suri, Head Of Department Media Sciences SZABIST. The event’s first day was packed with video screening and engaging discussions. Keynote speaker of the event was TV anchor & Host Mr. Waseem Badami. The event concluded with the screening of the Emmy Award winning documentary “Armed With Faith”.