Ongoing Initiatives

  • Guitar Classes have been started for all students and regular band practice/jamming sessions by the In house band happen on a weekly basis (musical instruments are present on campus).
  • Regular Sports practice matches are played for Football and Cricket at rented grounds on the weekends with Volleyball, Throw ball, Table tennis, Table football and Basket ball on campus.
  • Support in the form of new curriculum books, stationery and school bags is being provided to Behram Public High School Daimani Taluka Dahli Dstrict Tharparkar in Mithi on a year long basis.
  • Support/fund raising for the Aga Khan Child Welfare Programme is also being provided.

The Projects Division

The projects division includes well thought-out and formal ideas put up by any student/group of students of SZABIST who then get assigned an Activities Coordinator to work with to further formalize and run that project for a year. Some of them are as follows :

  • Environmental Protection and Plantation
  • UMEED -Literacy and Personal stories
  • NIJAAT – Mental health and Women empowerment
  • Social Action Project Development with FESF
  • Art and Discourse for Change (ADC)


  • Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development (SEED) Ventures – January 5, 2018 (Implementing partner for grant awarded by DAI Pak Pvt Ltd to SZABIST for Student Activities.
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  • A MoU with DAI Pak Pvt Ltd was signed on 13th September 2019 to formalize the relationship between DAI and SZABIST and further funding in the form of grant/s will be received for student activities.
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  • A MoU with Gul Ahmed Textile Mills was also signed to be part of the Million Tree March and plantation in all campuses of SZABIST in Sindh along with support to the ongoing plantation drive at Quaid- Azam mausoleum.
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  • A MoU with FESF was signed on 28th October 2019 to formalize the relationship between FESF and SZABIST.
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