BS Artificial Intelligence

Details & Semester Outlines for BS (AI)

The program is offered through a well-trained and qualified faculty. It consists of 41 courses with a total of 130 credit hours.

First Year

Semester -1st

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 1108Introduction to Computer Science2
CSCL 1108Lab : Introduction to Computer Science1
CSC 1103Fundamentals of Programming3
CSCL 1103Lab : Fundamentals of Programming1
CSC xxxxIslamic Studies/ Ethics2
CSC 1101Calculus and Analytical Geometry3
CSC 1102English Composition and Comprehension3

Semester -2nd

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 1208Object Oriented Programming Techniques3CSC 1103
CSCL 1208Lab: Object Oriented Programming Techniques1
CSC 2103Digital Logic Design3
CSCL 2103Lab: Digital Logic Design1
CSC 2206Linear Algebra3CSC 1101
CSC xxxxProbability and Statistics3
CSC 2101Communication and Presentation Skills3CSC 1102

Second Year

Semester –3rd

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 2102Data Structures and Algorithms3CSC 1103
CSCL 2102Lab: Data Structures and Algorithms1
CSC 2201Computer Organization and Assembly Language3CSC 2103
CSCL 2201Lab: Computer Organization and Assembly Language1
CSC 1201Discrete Mathematical Structures3
CSC 4101Artificial Intelligence3CSC 1208
CSCL 4101Lab: Artificial Intelligence1
CSC xxxDifferential Equations3CSC 1101

Semester –4th

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 3205Computer Networks and Data Communications3
CSCL 3205Lab: Computer Networks and Data Communications1
CSC 2203Database Systems3
CSCL 2203Lab: Database Systems1
CSC 3202Design and Analysis of Algorithms3CSC 2102
AIC xxx1Programming for Artificial Intelligence2AIC 4101
AICL xxx1Lab: Programming for Artificial Intelligence1
AIC xxxxAI Elective – 13

Third Year

Semester –5th

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 2205Operating Systems3CSC 2102
CSCL 2205Lab: Operating Systems1
AIC xxx2Artificial Neural Networks2AIC xxx1
AICL xxx2Lab: Artificial Neural Networks1
AIC xxx3Machine Learning2AIC xxx1
AICL xxx3Lab: Machine Learning1
AIC xxx4Knowledge Representation & Reasoning3AIC xxx1
AIC xxx4AI Elective – 23
CSC xxxxUniversity Elective – 13

Semester –6th

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
AIC 1205Technical and Business Writing3CSC 2101
AIC xxx5 / CSC xxxComputing Vision2AIC xxx2
AICL xxx5Lab: Computing Vision1
AIC xx / CSCxxNatural Language Processing3AICxxx2
CSC 3109Software Engineering3
AIC xxxxAI Elective – 33
AIC xxxxUniversity Elective – 23

Fourth Year

Semester -7th

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
CSC 4106Parallel and Distributed Computing2CSC 1208,
CSC 2205
CSCL 4106Lab: Parallel and Distributed Computing1
CSC 4102Professional Practices3
AIC xxxxUniversity Elective-33
AIC 4105Final Year Project-I2

Semester -8th

CodesCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Pre-Req.
AIC 4205Final Year Project-II4AIC 4105
AIC 4xxxUniversity Elective – 43
AIC 4201Information Security3
CSC xxxxPakistan Studies2
AIC xxxxAI Elective – 43



  1. Advanced Statistics
  2. Theory of Automata & Formal Languages
  3. Data Mining
  4. Deep Learning
  5. Speech Processing
  6. Reinforcements Learning
  7. Fuzzy Systems
  8. Evolutionary Computing
  9. Swarm Intelligence
  10. Agent Based Modeling
  11. Knowledge Based Systems


Each campus may offer university electives as per convenience and availability of resources. The Electives being offered at Karachi Campus as are as follows:

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Research Report
  3. Management Principles
  4. Business and Technology Ethics
  5. Introduction to Accounting
  6. Foreign Languages
  7. History of Scientific Ideas
  8. Design and Creativity
  9. Sociology
  10. Psychology
  11. Organizational Behavior


Coverage of relevant pre-requisite will be ensured while allowing any of the following courses from this category:

  1. Calculus and Analytic Geometry
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. Probability and Statistics
  4. Differential Equations


No. of Credit Hours
ICore Courses (List Attached):
i. Computing Core Courses39
ii. Computer Science Core Courses18
iii. General Education Courses19
iv. Artificial Intelligence Core Courses18
IIElective Courses (List Attached)
i. Mathematics & Science Foundation Courses12
ii. Artificial Intelligence Elective Courses12
iii. Institutional Elective Courses12


The internship is scheduled for summer at the end of third year. After completion of the six-week internship, all students are required to submit a comprehensive report giving details of their experience and learning.