B.Ed (2.5 Years) Secondary

Details & Semester Outlines for B.Ed 2.5 years (Secondary)

B.Ed (Secondary is a 2.5 years degree program offered to pre-service and in-service teachers. It is a 90 credit hour program with 23 core courses, 4 content specialized courses, and 6 credit hours teaching practice, and 3 credit hours research project. The maximum time limit to complete the B.Ed. the degree is four years.

Eligibility Criteria

For admission in B.Ed. In the 2.5-year program, the candidate must have 14-years of education (B.A., B.Sc., B.Com. or equivalent) in any discipline with Second Division/2.0 CGPA like Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and others (except ADE).

First Year

Semester One

XXXX Foundations of Education
XXXX Educational Leadership and Management
XXXX Trends in Teacher Education
XXXX Classroom Management
XXXX Effective Communication in Education
XXXX Testing and Evaluation

Semester Two

XXXX Educational Psychology
XXXX General Teaching Methods
XXXX Curriculum Design and Development
XXXX Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices
XXXX School, Community, and Teacher
XXXX Education for Sustainable Development

Second Year

Semester Three

XXXX ICT in Education
XXXX Guidance and Counselling
XXXX Research Methods and Techniques
XXXX Affective Education
XXXX Academic Content-I and Pedagogy
XXXX Educational Policy and Practices

Semester Four

XXXX Academic Content-II and Pedagogy
XXXX Academic Content-III and Pedagogy
XXXX Gender and education
XXXX Teaching Practice
XXXX Comparative Education
XXXX Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education

Third Year

Semester Five

XXXX Academic Content-IV and Pedagogy
XXXX Ethics and Professional Practices in Education
XXXX School Management
XXXX Teaching Practice
XXXX Teaching Literacy Skills
XXXX Thesis

Compulsory Courses

  • Ed xxx Foundations of Education
  • Ed xxx Educational Leadership and Management
  • Ed xxx Trends in Teacher Education
  • Ed xxx Classroom Management
  • Ed xxx Effective Communication in Education
  • Ed xxx Testing and Evaluation
  • Ed xxx Secondary Education in Pakistan
  • Ed xxx General Teaching Methods
  • Ed xxx Curriculum Design and Development
  • Ed xxx Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices
  • Ed xxx School, Community, and Teacher
  • Ed xxx Education for Sustainable Development
  • Ed xxx ICT in Education
  • Ed xxx Educational Psychology
  • Ed xxx Research Methods and Techniques
  • Ed xxx Affective Education
  • Ed xxx Educational Policy and Practices
  • Ed xxx Guidance and Counselling
  • Ed xxx Comparative Education
  • Ed xxx Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education
  • Ed xxx Ethics and Professional Practices in Education
  • Ed xxx School Management
  • Ed xxx Teaching Literacy Skills
  • Ed xxx Thesis
  • Ed xxx Teaching Practice I
  • Ed xxx Teaching Practice II
  • Ed xxx  Academic Content-I and Pedagogy
  • Ed xxx  Academic Content-II and Pedagogy
  • Ed xxx  Academic Content-III and Pedagogy
  • Ed xxx  Academic Content-IV and Pedagogy